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About Us

The SSES  was set up by medical professionals and social workers to provide quality training to needy students at a resonable cost in the fields of medical and para medical sciences and alternative medicine. The underlying thought was that in today's age of a competitive job market young people are better armed for their future with job oriented vocational training rather than acedemic courses. It was also observed by the founding members of our organisation that India has entered the era of globalisation and privatisation and the path may be irreversable. One of the main aspects of a globalised privatised environment is also non govermental private education whether it run purely for profit or is run on a non-profit basis. Indeed the government has also now started encouraging and supporting in various ways organisations whether for profit or non-profit who are introducing vocational job oriented courses. Therefore it was felt that given the ever growing demand from the medical care and hospital sector both in India and abroad for trained medical, para medical and alternative medicine professionals, our organisation should also offer courses in these areas that can be job oriented and are also in it's fee structure resonable.  


It may be noted the purpose of our organisation is to provide job oriented courses in the mentioned area whch would arm our students to turn into self-emploed professionals who will set up their clinic or facilities subject to all applicable laws and rules, or who will be able to find employment in the private sector. But it is clarified we do not and shall not at any time provide any kind of job guarantees.